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Guarantee Conditions

The prices in this list cover delivery EXW Oslo,Norway.

The quoted prices are valid for all products according to our latest pricelist.
The prices may be changed without notice.

Terms of delivery:
Terms of delivery are EXW Oslo, Norway.

Terms of payment:
1 Net 30 days from date of invoice

If nothing else has been agreed upon, payment should be made to:

SKIPPER Electronics AS
P. O. Box 151, Manglerud
0612 OSLO

Den Norske Bank A/S
P.O. Box 1171 Sentrum

NOK acc/no. International Payments (IBAN): NO87 7174 0500 656
NOK acc/no. Domestic Payments(Norway): 7174.05.00656
Swiftaddress: DNBA NO KK

Regular terms of payment are net 30 days from date of invoice to approved accounts.
A finance charge of 2% per month will be added on all invoices not settled at maturity.

2 CAD (Cash Against Documents)
NOK 1,000,- will be added for banking-administration charges.

Promotion support:
In special cases SKIPPER may cover up to 50% of advertisement cost on SKIPPER advertisements, limited to 2% of yearly SKIPPER-related turnover. Coverage is subject to prior agreement in each individual case.

How to contact SKIPPER Electronics AS

Ph.: +47 23 30 22 70
Fax: +47 23 30 22 71
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postal Address:

Skipper Electronics AS
P.O.Box 151, Manglerud
0612 OSLO






Guarantee conditions

SKIPPER gives 12-24 months limited guarantee on all deliveries from SKIPPER Electronics AS, Norway.
The guarantee period commences on the date of the installation provided this take place within twelve months from dispatch of the goods from SKIPPER. Our maximum guarantee period will thus be 24 months from dispatch of goods from SKIPPER Electronics A/S, Norway.
In case SKIPPER does not receive a completed guarantee card, the guarantee period commences at the date of SKIPPER's invoice.
Under the guarantee SKIPPER will replace or repair parts which have become defective due to material or production faults free of charge to the buyer. Cost of parts and labour except overtime expenses is included in the guarantee terms while transport of parts is for the account and risk of the buyer. Should the guarantee service take place outside the premises of SKIPPER or the dealer, all travelling and living expenses will be debited the buyer. The buyer will also be debited any costs connected with docking of the vessel, emptying and steaming of tanks, diving work and other precautionary measures, which may be necessary for the carrying out of the guarantee work.

SKIPPER'S guarantee is not valid:
A:If payments have not taken place according to contract.
B:If faults occur, due to carelessness or incorrect operation of the equipment.
C:If the equipment has been rebuilt or if parts other than the original parts from SKIPPER have been inserted.

The buyer has no right to claim for any loss he might have due to faults which occur or have occurred to SKIPPER equipment.
The buyer has no right to other claims, such as cancellation, reduction in price, etc. unless SKIPPER within a reasonable time does not remedy the defect.

For Exhange units SKIPPER provide 6 months limited warranty.