Compact Multi Repeater CD401MR-SB

SKIPPER-CD401MR-SB- Depth below surface, keel and transducer
- Speed over ground and through water
- Distance, total/trip for both ground and water
- Heading, true, magnetic and relative
- Rotation, rate of turn and direction
- Wind speed and direction (true, magnetic and relative)
- Temperature in water and air
- Drive, RPM, propeller pitch and rudder position
- Clock UTC, local time and expected time of arrival

- Current, direction and speed


DGR360 Digital Gyro Repeater

SKIPPER-DGR-360 - Heading angle
- Visual indication of rotation speed
- HDT/THS/HDM signals
- Bracket or panel mounting



Digital Depth indicator SKIPPER IR301

SKIPPER-ENIR301-SA- Depth indication
- Alarms
- Shows position of transducer in use
- Bracket or panel mounting

Digital Speed Indicator SKIPPER IR300

SKIPPER-ENIR300PD-SA - Speed indicator
- Alarms - Speed alarm
- Trip counter
- Distance counter
- One, two or three axis indication
- Bracket or panel mounting

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