ETF38A 38 kHz Transducer


SKIPPER 10x12° (Art no: ETF38A) 38khz/ 2,5kW External mount housing

The twenty-four piezoceramic element, sets the standard for excellent performance. The expoxy resin housing with integral acousting window achieves a balance of very low ringing, low sidelobes, and very excellent sensitivity.

* Max power 2,5kW
* High echo amplitudes achieved with excellent transmitting and receiving voltage response
* Excellent ring suppression and very low Q provides for remarkable echo definition
* PZT piezoceramic array provides high acoustic efficiency
* Good definition in hard bottoms with low sidelobes
* Streamlined shape reduces drag

* Housing material: cast urethane
* Standard cable type: C43-shielded twisted pair
* Standard cable length: 15 m (50')
* Weight: 12 kg (13 lb.)
* Individually packaged
* Installation kit: stainless steel nuts & bolts with foam plugs
* Accommodates hull thickness: Max. no fairing 234 mm (9 i/4") ax. with fairing157 mm (63/16")

* Commercial fishing vessels
* Compatible with any hull material

Performance data   

Frequency - Airmar Piezoceramic Designator 38kHz - E
Frequency Tolerance (khz) +/- 1,5
Element Material PZT/L/13x35
24 Element Configuration (not to scale) 24_circles.gif 
Beamwidth at - 3dB 10° x 12°
Beamwidth at - 6dB 14° x 17°
Beamwidth at - 10dB 18° x 21°
Rated RMS Power, W 2500 
Voltage Responses: TransmdB it/Receive 171/-176
Figure of Merit (Insertion Loss) dB -6 
Acoustic Window Material Urethane
Parallel Rp, ohms 60 

Transmit Radiation Pattern  Dimensions 




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